Information about our rabbit and guinea pig boarding service, based in Gristhorpe, just outside Filey.

Going on holiday should be as stress free as possible, for you and your animals. Here at Meadow View we aim to provide a calm and enjoyable stay for your rabbits and guinea pigs whilst they are boarding with us at our animal hotel in Gristhorpe, just outside Filey. When you go on holiday and leave your animals to board with us, whether it's for one night or two weeks, or more, we want you to feel reassured that your animal is getting the best care possible. 

 I am a firm believer in the motto 'a hutch is not enough' and as such my aim is to ensure that rabbits and guinea pigs under my care are outside in the fresh air from dawn until dusk. We aim to provide covered runs for inclement weather, toys to enrich their environment and daily handling to ensure animals feel safe around humans.

We have both outside and indoor hutches, in the autumn and winter months, all boarding bunnies and guinea pigs are kept inside in our bunny sheds, in hutches with plenty of room to move about. My aim is to provide all boarding bunnies and guinea pigs with a six foot hutch. For the spring and summer months my aim is to provide six foot, outdoor hutches with attached runs. We will also be creating an indoor run area for inclement weather. I check on any boarders regularly while they are outside and they are provided with a variety of fresh green stuffs and unlimited hay. Dry food must be provided by the owner, to ensure that bunnies and guinea pigs do not get upset tummies during their stay.


One Rabbit : £5 per day

Pair of bonded (sharing the same hutch)  rabbits: £7.50 per day

One Guinea Pig: £4 per day

Pair of bonded Guinea Pigs:  £6.50 per day

Claw clipping service: £5 per animal

Grooming is included in the cost. 

We hope that your animal/s remain in the best of health during their stay, but if they do become ill, I will, of course, take them to my own vet and the owner will incur the costs.