Information about our cat visiting service. We are based in Gristhorpe, just outside Filey, but we do travel to clients, so please do ask. 

Meadow View Animal Care are able to provide cat visits to your home when you go away on holiday. 

 Cats make such wonderful companions. They are loving and intelligent and nothing beats a purring, happy cat on your lap on a cold winter's night!

Cats are creatures of habit, they like their own home and they tend to get stressed if their routine or surroundings change. Here at Meadow View we understand that it isn't always easy to  find care for your cat when you are on holiday. Here's where we can help!

We offer a cat sitting service for when you are away.  For just £5 per visit, your cat will be fed, fussed and played with for at least half an hour each visit, giving them the human company they crave and settling any anxiety down. If your cat uses a litter tray we will change it frequently for your cat's comfort. We also offer a two visit and home care package. This service includes two cat visits per day, plus your curtains being opened and closed at the appropriate times, post being taken in and bins put out and brought in accordingly. My visits will be at a slightly different time each day to avoid any predictable patterns. I can even leave different lights on over night to deter burglars and water any plants for you. 



One cat visit per day: £5

Two cat visits per day: £10

Two cat visits and home care package: £12.50 per day