This page contains information about our pet taxi service, provided for small animals, cats and  small dogs. We are based in Gristhorpe, just outside Filey. 

There are lots of reasons that make it difficult to get to the vet, or even the grooming parlour with your pet. Perhaps you work full time and it's difficult to get to appropriate surgeries, or appointments that are outside of work hours, perhaps you are house bound or ill or it has just fallen at a bad time for you with child care, work and social obligations all needing to be addressed at once!


Here's where meadow View can help.  We can pick up your pet, take them to the location pick up any medication needed and bring them home to you. I will leave a short report and instructions from your vet and you will have the peace of mind of knowing your animal is being well looked after. 



Per visit, per animal: £10.00 


Please contact me with details