Meadow View Animal Care are now providing a chicken holiday care service! We take care of your chickens while you are away.

Similar to our cat visit service, meadow View Animal Care is now able to offer a poultry visiting service for when you are away on holiday. 

 Lots of people keep chickens these days, they are a wonderful pet, friendly and comical and they lay delicious free range eggs every day for nothing! I have kept chickens myself and know how much pleasure they bring, but many people find that going away is a problem. as long as you have a safe, secure run in which your chickens are kept, it needn't be.

Our service is a reliable way to make sure your birds are cared for in your absence. We will visit your chickens, or other poultry, twice a day: once in the morning to let them out, check the water, check the feed etc and once in the evening to round them up and lock them in again and check their water.

If cleaning out of the chicken coop is needed whilst you are away we will happily do this too. The client must provide food and any other necessaries.


Poultry package, per day: £7.00

Cleaning out fee: £7.00