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New FEC prices!

We've had such a great response to our Easter sale that we have decided to reduce our prices and launch a whole new pricing scheme! See the FEC page for details. We are also delighted to announce our new mobile yard service using our trusty camper van 'Blue'. drop me a line at to ask about the service, samples processed as a mobile service are just five pounds as long as there are at least ten horses at the yard. But don't worry if there are not that many horses at your yard, drop me a line or give me a ring on 07863800613 and I will be able to tell you how much each sample will be. i collect samples and provide my yard service on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but can be flexible.

In other news i have started spreading the word about the benefits of FEC. There seems to be a huge lack of understanding around FEC from horse owners and it's my belief that a horse owner knows their own animal better than any one else. That's why I want to empower horse owners by providing the information they need. I am booked in to talk to students at Bishop Burton college on 9th June, but if you would like me to come and speak to your club or group, drop me a line or give me a ring!

In other, non horsey news, I am currently walking lots of lovely dogs: Eds a gorgeous border collie cross who is so intelligent and obedient, she makes me want to swap my own for her...only Joking, Toby, you may be a little bit odd, but we do love you and you're never boring! xxx

I'm also walking Rufus and Barney too, two border terriers and what lovely wee characters! rufus in particular is not one for long walks and does tend to plant himself and refuse to move! Barney is very sweet natured and wants to be wherever Rufus is, what a lovely couple of doggies.

If you would like your dogs walked, even just a half an hour to break up their day now and then when you're out at work, let me know. :)

Boarders we have been spoilt rotten with a lovely little guinea pig called Doby recently, such a little timid sweet heart, a really lovely little girl. 

and the tortoises are back this week too. Exciting!

The Bunny Beach Hut is nearly Finished

Lately MVAC has been very busy creating our brand new bunny beach hut! 

It's so bright and lovely! Fully insulated too to keep bunny bums warm in the cold. I'm just about to order the lovely six foot hutches for it. more pictures to come, when the weather is not quite so miserable!

I've also been working on our new service: Horse Faecal Egg Counts (FEC). we are now able to supply our kits as a national service and a reliable pick up service for local yards on Mondays and Thursdays. Why not drop me a line to enquire?

leafletting is on hold while it is still so wet and rainy, but look out for me in the coming weeks, I will be leafletting in Cayton and around Filey. 

Heading into Spring

It's been a while since I updated the blog! My new year's resolution is to update every Monday from now on.

This week at MVAC I have mostly been leafleting. Launching any small business is hard work, so getting out and meeting people is very important. My lovely husband and I have been leafleting around the Cayton area, so if you see us out and about, give us a wave! We met some lovely people on our travels, never be afraid to come and ask us about our services, nothing is set in stone and if I can provide the service you are looking for, I will! 

It's so lovely to be out in the fresh air. I've been working on business plans and financial forecasts for a few weeks which is all necessary and exciting even, but I much prefer being out with the rabbits and the dog. Toby and I have started to incorporate a longer route on our walks in an effort to get fit, let's hope it works. though I have to say, Toby is in good condition, how can he not be with all that energy! He's like a coiled spring-er whenever we go out, and generally up to his neck in bog water or mud within about five minutes of setting off!

Mymbles and Little My, the resident MVAC bunnies, have been enjoying time in their run, despite the cooler weather. We've had no real snow yet, so as long as the ground is not too wet and the temperature isn't in the minuses the rabbits tend to go out. All our runs have cover for rain and shelter is provided too. I think rabbits would go out in any weather at all, if they could, but the windy weather is a no no. I do not want the bunnies blowing away!

Bookings wise, we are starting to get booking for half term and Easter, if you are going away, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Plans for the next few months:

We are heading towards Spring, it will be upon us in no time, and that means FEC season. I am busy getting everything together to roll out our FEC service from February/March and will be running a horsey based Easter comp, so look out for it!

I'm also starting the renovations on the other bunny shed, which is filled with old straw and garden furniture at the minute (and spiders I should think!) so I will be rolling up my sleeves to get in there this week and get it cleaned out, fixed up and cleaned down ready for the arrival of the next block of lovely six foot hutches. We are also planning an indoor run in the shed for use in very bad weather. i can't tell you how excited I am to be getting the bunny shed done up, the brick shed where the bunnies are right now is great and very cozy, but I really want that one as a laboratory for the horse FEC part of the business.

It's all go at MVAC HQ!

Sukie Rabbit comes to stay

We have a rather lovely visitor this week in the form of Sukie the lop eared bunny. She's ever so sweet and is settling in very well. She went straight into her hutch with no f and was very calm when I took her out to the run this morning. It has been a bit grey and over cast and a little drizzle too, so I made sure she had a big warm box to go into if she needed, and a great big pile of fresh hay, toys, boxes to jump on, and a pile of greens too. Bunny luxury! she really seemed to enjoy jumping on and off the boxes and in and out of the hay rack, there was even some little binkies!

She's going back into her hutch in a minute, but I won't shut the shed door on her until later. Sukie is a single bunny so likes to see what's going on, single bunnies like to have people as friends. though she seemed to be getting on famously with Elvis the cat, earlier. 

The run worked well, and is quite sturdy. I'm looking forward to buying the same set of panels again so that I can extend the run into a super run, but Sukie likes the six foot run we have now. 

I've also been researching microscopes and will soon be up and running with the faecal parasitology part of MVAC, I will be doing chicken worm counts as well as horses, so those chicken lovers out there, watch this space!

Still looking for the MVAC van too, though I think i have spotted one that I'm interested in. 


Running with Toby

My dog, Toby, is like a box of frogs if he doesn't get enough exercise. So after being inspired by the Great North Run, yesterday, I have decided to combine my own get fit campaign, with a 'wear Toby out' campaign. I have started running with the dog. 

Lots of people run with their dogs, but not lots of dogs are Toby. I did have a phase, last year, where I was running with him almost daily, but then twice on the same run, he stopped dead in front of me and I went right over the top of him. He thought that was hilarious, much tail wagging and tongue lolling and licking of face. I had two scraped knees and a bruised chin. 

This time round I am totally prepared, I keep him on a slightly longer lead (I use an extendible) and run around him when he stops. Though, because he tends to zig zag across the road in his pursuit of the best scents, we usually end up in a perpetual circle, constantly moving round each other. 

The run usually starts with Toby being like a bullet out of a gun, as soon as he knows we are running, rather than walking, he is off, ears streaming out behind him. I have to really work hard to keep up. We run down the lane, then turn down onto a bridal path which edges a field. The crops are all gathered in now, and the field is quite secure with good visibility, so I usually let him off his lead for some mad free running, Springer style. And he does, as soon as the lead clicks, he's off; a streak of black getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Then I'm free to run in peace for a little while, keeping a weather eye on him in case he decides he wants to personalise his walk and scale a fence or something. It has happened before. 

Quite often his recall isn't great, especially if he's chasing pheasants or what have you, but today I was grateful to an alert head popping out of the bushes when I called him. Lots of praise and scratching him on his weak spot (just in front of his tail, he would do virtually anything for a scratch there) and he was back on his lead, panting a bit, but not tired out. I continued my jog down the bridal path and through the courtyard of one of the farm estates. I always make sure he is well controlled at this point because anything might be in the farm yard.Toby was trotting by my side, rather than the full on gallop. 

I was starting to tire a bit by this time,  so there was more walking than running, but I did keep pushing myself every now and then. We ran to the railway track, checked for safety and then crossed.  I rarely see anyone on this route, so was surprised when a lady and a man with two dogs came the other way, one had a large breed dog, the other had a small breed dog, all was fine. I  brought Toby in a little bit, but I've found that a dog that is constrained will often growl at another dog, for no reason other than the sensation of being constrained must make them feel like they are backed into a corner, so I always try and give Toby a little bit of space, to allow him to move freely. He's great with other dogs, but the lady kept saying to her dog that she didn't want him to play today, so after saying hello, I pulled Toby in a bit more, but her dog became excited, and started barking and growling. There's nothing specifically wrong with this, at the end of the day, we can't read a dog's language, we don't know what they are saying to each other and we don't know what may spark aggression, often it's more playing than aggression, and Toby certainly didn't seem perturbed. But then the dog went to bite Toby on the muzzle. I was quite shocked, but, again, dogs are funny creatures, and these things do happen sometimes. Toby was completely un-fazed, he just looked up at me, smiled and we trotted off. I had to check to make sure he wasn't bitten, which he wasn't. Thank goodness. 

The thing, though, that upset me, was the owner. She didn't apologise, she didn't explain that her dog sometimes acts like this and she didn't stop to check if my dog was ok. There was no verbal communication whatsoever. I found that a little rude. Perhaps she was embarrassed, perhaps she just wanted to get away and get her dog under control, but I did feel a bit hurt, on Toby's behalf. 

With that little trauma out of the way, it was back to the running/walking. Toby seemed to be lagging behind a bit and by the time we reached 'the last leg' he had dropped back. Hoorah! I thought, I've worn him out. 

Nope.We turned to go down the field towards home and a lovely lady whose name I do not know but who has a rather lovely old golden retriever was coming the other way. Toby knows this dog, he was off in a flash, tangling his lead around both our legs as the GR was off lead (and behaving beautifully I might add) Toby's energy levels had somehow jumped to peak again and he spent a good ten minutes rolling and play fighting and jumping and running with me trying to untangle us both.

And that was it, then, he'd experienced a little excitement and it was like we had never been for a run, him prancing and jumping beside me, jumping in a drainage ditch up to his chest, chasing a squirrel, eating some horse poo....

I was shattered by the time I got home. but the look on Toby's face was very much 'when can we go again, mum?'

The Official Launch

Here we are again, and it's official MVAC website launch day. Yay!

Last week, two bunnies came to stay at meadow View, they were our first unofficial visitors and part of a 'trial run' I was doing to assess equipment and housing etc. Moshi and Peppa are a lovely pair of neutered brother and sister bonded dwarf rabbits, white all over with the most amazing blue eyes. they had obviously been well looked after and handled as they were a pleasure to stroke. While they were here they had lots of curly kale, broccoli, yellow peppers (which they were not a fan of) and carrot, they played all day and seemed to like sitting in a nest box I had made them, more than anything. 

On one day, during their stay, when the weather was at its most miserable,  I decided to have them in the conservatory for an indoor play day. They loved it! much skidding about on the laminate as they chased each other and jumped on and off the cardboard boxes I had left them!

Here is Moshi, cleaning out the fluff from under the treadmill. ;)

This week I have also ordered a new run. the run is made up of aviary panels, I bought them all separately so that I can change the shape and size of the runs according to how many rabbits and guinea pigs are boarding. I also bought a heavy duty run cover so that we can have outside play all year round, as long as it's not too cold! 

My next plan is to create an inside play area for when it is too cold, but in the mean time, the conservatory seems to work just fine. 

Website Creation

Hello, welcome to our blog!

Here you will find updates on current projects, and what's happening in Meadow View Animal Care HQ

As you can see, our new website is under construction and is coming together day by day. Currently I am working on a table to clarify the reasons behind worming and what it means to you, the horse owner. I'm hoping this will allow a better understanding of just why horse Faecal Egg Counts are so important. 

In other news: Our monkey puzzle tree came down in the storms last week, taking our chicken house with it! Poor chucks! We managed to save them and they have been residing in our shed the last few days, today they have been released to peck about the garden, which they are loving, especially with the addition of a new monkey puzzle tree adventure park! William, our lavender peaking cockerill is back on form and has not stopped crowing for most of the morning. Charlotte the polish chamois is unconcerned by the tree development and was, as always, first to the food bowl. 

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